Seven Knight Farming Guide [Leveling, Ruby, Gold and Topaz]

Welcome to the seven knights farming guide. In this post, we will cover some of the important things you need to do to farm rubies, gold and topaz to advance your characters and make them stronger.

Ruby Farming

This is probably the most important currency to farm. If you are able to consistently farm rubies week in week out, you can get to end game a lot quicker as a free to play. It will take time though, so be patient! Let’s go over all the various ways you can earn rubies.

  • Leveling new heroes to level 30 gives you 5 rubies each
  • Leveling heroes that have already been leveled to 30 before will land you 2 rubies each
  • The Celestial Tower also gives rubies on various floors, so keep going until you can’t climb anymore for rubies
  • Climbing the Arena gives rubies and topaz, depending on your progress.

Seven Knights Arena Rewards

You also get rubies and topazes when you finish at a certain bracket.

Seven Knights Arena Ranking Rewards

Leveling Farming

Seven Knights Farming Guide

Now farming fodders to level 30 is one of the best ways to gain rubies consistently as a free to play player. I am going to recommend you 2 setups that you can use.

  • 1 AoE + 4 Fodders
  • 2 AoE + 3 Fodders

At first I recommend you use 2 AoE + 3 fodders as your farm team. You will lose an extra slot, but as long as you can farm normal/hard mode without having anyone dying, it will be worth it. If you have a top notch AoE character that can handle 4 fodders, then this is the way to go. I will recommend the characters to you in a bit.

Generally, any character that have 2 AoE attacks that can target 3 or more enemies is ideal.

Viable Farming Characters


With 2 AoE attacks, this character is my favorite character to farm normal mode 1-1 and 1-2. He can carry 4 fodders by himself and get them to level 30 with 9 keys. He is also very viable in the Arena with his 3 target AoE piercing attack. I would choose him or Sera as your first 6 star magic selector.


Like Yushin, Sera can hard carry 4 fodders. Also a great arena character.

Other good ones are:
Ming Ming




Lu Bu

There are more, but just pick either Sera or Yushin as first choice.

Viable Farming Spots and Tips

  • Upgrade Defensive Formation (1Back/4Front) at lvl40 its +100% Atk Back. You should be fine with lvl 20 and around +50%Atk.
  • Place you’re main farmer in back, second farmer in front, and 3 fodder units to bring to lvl 30 (You get 5 rubies the first time a hero hits 30 & 2 rubies each time after)
  • Aim to be able to farm 7-1 Hard Mode.
  • If you cant farm 7-1 yet try 1-1, 1-5, 3-1, 3-4. If you cant farm hard yet farm Normal mode until you’re able to farm 1-1. 1-10 is also great for farming. While knocking out the normal enemy quests you also knock out the boss quest as well.
  • It takes 8 keys to lvl a hero to 30. So 3 fodders = 6 rubies per level 30 run. 4 fodders = 8 rubies per level 30 run.

Also, while you are farming, you are also doing the following:

  • Kill X normal Monsters -> Get X Ruby
  • Kill X Boss Monster -> Get X Ruby(You won´t get this when you do 7-1!! More later on that)
  • Recruit X heroes -> Get X Ruby
  • Train 30 heroes to lvl 30 -> Get 200 Honor
  • Get X Items -> Get X Ruby
  • Get X Gold -> Get X Gold
  • Summon X heroes -> Get X Gold

Key Takeaway:

  • If you lack of GOLD, go for 7-1 with 1 DD, 1 Taunt and 3 Fodders,
  • If you want to farm Ruby hard, go for 1-10 with 1 DD and 4 Fodders.

Gold Farming

If you want gold, you can repeat farm Celestial Tower for gold by doing the highest floor. Otherwise, stick with 7-1 normal/hard.