Seven Knight Jave

Jave is one of Seven Knight with balanced Stats, But Jave can be considered as tanker because of the Passive that reduces 40% Damage to himself and reflect back the reduced damage to the attacker. Jave is better used in PVP because of the skill that only do a little damage in PVE, but in […]

Seven Knight Dellons

Dellons is one of the Seven Knight with Strong Physical Damage Stats. Dellons is best used in PVP and is some PVE that need to Silence the enemy. Dellons have unique passive skill that makes him Immune to all Damage by 2 turns and boost 25% damage for all allies. His Advent Grim Reaper is very […]

Seven Knight Rachel

Rachel is one of Seven Knight with Balanced Stats. Rachel is an all rounder Heroes same like Eileene, Jave and Kris from Seven Knight. Rachel is best used in Castle Rush Because of Blaze that reduces target damage and defense by 80 % for 2 turns, The boss in Castle Rush is Stronger Every turn so […]

Seven Knight Eileene

Eileene is one of Seven Knight that have Balanced Stats, Eileene can be used for PVP or PVE. Eileene is All rounder Heroes Type, but she can be a High DPS Heroes because of Passive Skill Fodina Rage (add 60% Phys Attack to all Allies). Eileene can be Debuffer too With Celestial Bolt (Target all, […]

Seven Knight Rudy

Rudy Rudy is one of the greatest Tanker Heroes in this Games. He has the Passive skill to increase 60% Defense of the entire Party. Most People use him for Offense Formation which only has one Heroes in front row. He has highest defense with the Defense Preparation skill and can reduces the target buff by […]