Seven Knight Quest Guide

Hey folks, I thought I would post this Seven Knight quest guide for beginners since Hiduken has made an awesome picture that guides players to complete these simple steps to earn your first 6 star hero selector. If the picture below is too small, I have a written version below thanks to this post. Seven […]

Seven Knight Pet List

Below is a list of the available pets in Seven Knights. Pets only provides passive skills. Pet Name Owner Passive Buff Baby Angel Ruu Rudy 1. Increase allies defense by 10% 2. Reduce blocked damage by 10% Black Spirit Dello Delonse 1. Increase allies Physical & Magical attack by 12 % 2. Increase allies Critical […]

Seven Knight Tips

Tip 1: Focus on creating your team of 6 star roster At the beginning of the game, you will use whatever that is given to you. Once you start having stronger 5/6 heroes, you can then opt to be picky and decide what you want to do. The general rule is this: Feed 1/2 star […]

Seven Knight Kris

Kris is one of the Seven Knight with Balanced Stats. Kris very usefull in PVE especially in Celestial Tower (Except if you meet 6s Leo as enemy). His Death Debuff can Kill enemy Instanly, and with Soul Drain Passive he can heal all allies everytime the enemy Die. Kris sometimes can be annoying in PVP too […]

Seven Knight Spike

Spike is one of Seven Knight with Balanced Stats. I don’t Find out what so awesome about this Seven Knight Except he is good for PVP, Because he can make all allies Immune to debuff for 2 turns with his passive Severe Cold Heart Skill. The Severe Cold Strike can make a good damage, but Eileene […]